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Smart Classes

In TSN,Smart Class brings a comprehensive solution to assist teachers in meeting with their day to day classroom targets and enhancing students academic performance with simple, practical and meaningful use of technology. Keeping in mind the Covid time, It also enables teachers to instantly assess and evaluate the learning achieved by TSNites in class with innovative use of technology, giving the feel of physical class during the lockdown, the flawless Smart Class simplifies the methods of teaching, abstract curriculum concepts that are difficult for students to visualize or relate to, through the provision of three-dimensional, interactive multimedia modules.


The Early years Program at The Shanti Niketan promotes age-appropriate, holistic development focusing on nurturing each child’s communication and language skill, creative expression and physical, self and social development. Brain stimulation is at its peak at this age and thus activities that nurture brain development are implemented in age and developmentally appropriate ways through play, language and exploration activities.Activities are designed to help the Early years children learn by making sense of things and people around them, investigate the world, form relationships and engage in active social interactions. Early years learning in the Pre classes ensures a smooth transition to the more structured and skill-driven learning expectations of the kindergarten years.


In grades 1 and 2, the qualities of punctuality, cleanliness, sense of service, and cooperation are absorbed by the students in an informal manner from the immediate environment provided in the school. While the prescribed curricular activities in scholastic subject areas such as language, mathematics, environmental studies have the potential to develop calculative and linguistic traits and on the other side, certain areas of school activities such as physical education, work experience, and art education offer more flexibility, freedom of creative expression and thus hold greater potential for moulding budding minds. These areas provide the children with opportunities to more freely explore, experience, and interact with their physical and social surroundings and help them realize the values of natural respect and cooperation, dignity of labour, sense of achievement and identity.


Throughout the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades, it is vital for students to learn what is behaviourally appropriate and inappropriate. In TSN When children enter the third grade they become more aware of others and pay more attention to other kids around them being able to clearly reciprocate information discussed in class and group activities. Till the time when the child leaves grade 5th they are able to make eye contact, adjust tone, gestures, and facial expression to fit the appropriate audience when speaking and giving presentations or in a wide range of group discussion topics.


We at TSN not only provide academic knowledge to our students but also focus on developing them socially, morally and physically. Focus is given to create an environment where they enjoy learning. Smart class Technology enhances interest in studies among the students by introducing audios, videos, multimedia, images, animations and presentations. A number of activities and competitions are organised which is helpful in identifying and nurturing individual talent. Regular field trips and lab visits help them to see and learn. We emphasize on developing their ability for enquiry, critical thinking and rational judgement.