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In Primary School, we recognize that children came to us as distinct individuals with unique experiences, backgrounds, abilities and interests. Our teachers promote cross – cultural understanding and differentiate instruction to meet the student’s varying needs, abilities and learning styles. We provide a balanced educational program in a safe, stimulating environment, so that each child can learn and grow to his or her fullest potential. As independent thinkers and learners, our pupils are encouraged to think both critically and creatively in a spirit of cooperation and open minded enquiry. We stress the ability to work well in terms as well as individually. Through teamwork, pupils improve their communication, cooperative behavior and learn to value others.


The adolescents of middle school are embarking on a lifelong task of establishing personal identity and acquiring social skills. Academically, they are developing higher level thinking and reasoning skills while socially, peer group approval gains importance as they began to develop their own values and make their own decisions. We offer our students a well balanced program that promotes physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, as well as exposure to the arts and a stimulating academic environment. Although if program is challenging we provide support to those who require it, ensuring that everybody has the potential to be successful.


Senior school is a grade of education from standards IX to XII. Standards IX & X are running in the school for students from ages 14 to 16. The school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi and following the CCE examination pattern. Soon, the school is planning to get permission for classes XI & XII in all the three streams with different subject combinations.