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Makar Sakranti

Posted On : 14-Jan-2020 Posted By : Admin Jhalamand

Makar Sankranti,the Kite festival is broadly celebrated as Hindu Festival across the country., when the sun transmits into Makar (Capricorn), a celebration of the most auspicious festival, Makar Sankranti is begins.

The Shanti Niketan celebrated Makar Sankranti and Lohri on 15 January 2020,

on this occasion kids, dressed in their colourful attire and matched steps to the beats of the dhol, a bonfire was lit as an invocation. The assembly walked around the fire, and danced along. The mood was uplifting as the flames crackled to break the chill of January.

Kids also visited Gurudwara to seek blessings of the God and learnt the teachings of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Students had lots of questions to ask and age appropriate answers were given.Everyone humbly bowed to the Guru Granth Sahib with covered heads and offered prayer and took the Prasad, our little toddlers enjoyed their visit and were encouraged to cultivate a courageous and righteous trait in their personalities which would be a tribute to Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji. Students promised to be more responsible, honest and humble.