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Labours Day

Posted On : 01-May-2019 Posted By : Admin Jhalamand

“Without labor nothing prospers.” Sophocles

We are safe in school because we have our gaurd bhaiya.

All our rooms are shiny because we have didi to clean it after we move out.

We have fresh water, lush green lawns, chilled rooms all these because we have our helpers to maintain and arrange all these facilities for us.

Thankyou bhaiya and didi

Today in TSN the day was fully dedicated in honouring the hard working helpers. The day started with a special assembly praying for their long and healthy life. A heart touching poem touched everyone present adding to it the skit by class VII introduced all the helpers working in the institute and explained how much the staff faces problem when even a single peon is on leave.

The little dancers of the school's dance club presented a graceful dance for them


Then came the moment where we had a cricket match 

Teachers v/s Auxiliaries 

Where all the school male teachers were one team and all the bhaiyajis the other team.

And teacher's team won the match but the man of the match was our very own PANNE BHAIYA

The second games was TUG OF WAR won be the teacher's team again. 

Overall it was a kick start to this marvelous month of MAY.