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Career Counseling

Posted On : 20-Jul-2019 Posted By : Admin Jhalamand

Under the affluent privilege of honorable MS.LATIKA LODHA and MR.ABHISHEK the eminent career counsellors,THE SHANTI NIKETAN helped its students to draw out the zest of all the upcoming challanges coming in front of their career choice, along with the solutions and the real motives behind the reasons of opting for any particular subject. They made the students aware of all the institutions that have the idenitiy to be called as parallel to IITs and IIMs

Important information was shared with the senior batches from 10th-12th.

How and who can be their real supporter that will help them in order to make an identity of their own, moving apart from the crowd, to make adjustments at the beginning level and to overcome the obstacles in the way to strengthen future was also brought out to them so that after the school life gets over,where thousands and lakhs of students will standing facing the maze of career choices,our students will have the route map ready with them for an easy selection.