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Rotary Padmini Working Memebers

Posted On : 03-Aug-2019 Posted By : Admin Jhalamand

At THE SHANTI NIKETAN, Social responsibility begins with taking responsibility for your behavior towards different faces of the society.Responsibility begins with each person and then extends to working with individuals, groups, community, and the world.It connects with our concept of environmental responsibility by asking everyone to “take care” of the world: To responsibly be sure that what we have today will be here in the future.The philosophy is embedded into the life of the school. Teachers are invested in the school’s mission. Our multi-age approach nurtures strong relationships.

The Shanti Niketan is one of the members of the ROTARY PADMINI. Today the oath taking ceremony was organized by the Rotary members.A total of 30 students are the working members from our school.


1)Mugdakshi Joshi (President)

2) Suhani Baid (Secretary)

3) Arjun Prajapat (Treasurer)

The other 5 board members are - Rudraksh Jindal, Virendra Deora,Bhavya Parihar,Himanshi Baheti and Dharmendra Thanvi

With the oath, the students gave the society as well as to this Environment a forever promise to take necessary steps and extend a helping hand towards the development of the society