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Art of Living Workshop

Posted On : 28-Sep-2019 Posted By : Admin Jhalamand

"According to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji, Art of Living is a simple process, on the cradle of which we can acquit ourselves from all the insecurities."

THE SHANTI NIKETAN organised an ART OF LIVING workshop for the teachers. To help them understand how to maintain a  balance between society and self .

District teacher co ordinator Divya Bharadwaj and Rachna Purohit (research officer at State remote sensing application.) are excellent in their professional front but also take up the art of living sessions to keep alive their passion.

They both explained that the life cycle depends on seven different stages and four main grounds in which nature with the brain and soul, Together we have our own body and along with that it includes internal feelings and sensations,they took up Yoga Pranayam, along with subtle exercises as well as many links related to spiritual practice. There is one and only solution to the present time in which the conflict between  body and mind can be avoided and that is the combination of Pranayama, Yoga and the skill of the Art of Living.