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Posted On : 08-Aug-2018 Posted By : Admin Shasti Nagar

A good parent doesn’t have to be perfect neither the parent nor a child is perfect. It doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t work towards the goal of good parent. Children at all the stages like early childhood or later childhood are very keen observer. They follow their elders whom so ever they meet daily. They might be parent, grandparent elder brothers or sisters teachers etc. so one should be very careful when they are behaving with other people.


Some Tips on effective parenting

1.     Don’t just tell your child what you want them to do, SHOW THEM. This because the child copies other’s actions. Respect your child, show them positive behavior and attitude, take interest towards your child’s emotions.

2.     You can bring changes in your child with love and care. Love doesn’t spoil a child. Don’t go for material demands to be fulfilled. When the things are replaced for real love that can spoil a child. Simple hugs, spending time with them and listening to their problems seriously will certainly bring changes in them. This will bring harmony among you and the child and the child will develop close relationship and strong bounding with you.

3.     Teach moral values give your child positive experience. Sing songs with them, laugh with them & solve their problems together with a positive attitude.

4.     Support your child and accept your child as an individual. A child who gets support from their parents have better emotional, social and mental development. They must know that you are always there to help and support them and they are safe with you. Provide them security.

5.     To develop good relation there should be communication between your child and you. Parent should talk about different situations they faced and how they use to deal with them. Just by listening to them, talking about experiences and clarifying questions will help them.

6.     Take care of your physical and mental health. Take good care of yourself physically and mentally. Marital relations should also be strengthened so that your child can also grow. Give them positive environment. So that they can feel secured.

7.     Be productive, responsible and independent, enjoy meaningful relationship with others. Live a happy, healthy and meaningful life. Certainly it will help your child in doing well in school.

The child should not be spanked, smacked or litted. This may result in delinquency and antisocial or lead to criminal behavior. It is up to the parent what they want to make their child. Be careful positive, social, practical and good human being so that your child can follow you and become an asset to the society and can live a peaceful healthy and meaningful life.