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  • Jhalamand, Jodhpur, (Raj.) 342001 India
  • Sunday - Closed


KHELA: The Theatre Club

TSNites do not work once in a year in theatre. It is a year long process where they are been trained in theatrical actions, dialogues, expressions and their body language.


Yoga classes reinforce the good health regime and are instrumental for the all round growth and spiritual development of our children. Students have benefitted immensely in terms of improving their powers of concentration and coping with examination fears and stress, focusing on their studies and handling pressure of Assessments.

Yoga also energies them for the whole day. The children feel positive aura around them which in turn channelize their generated energy into the right direction. This ancient Indian therapy helps them to boost their morale and provides peace of mind.


Here, the children learn to prepare delicious dishes forthrightly. They learn, they prepare, they eat & feel great. They also learn about healthy foot habits, table manners and it is a part of entire grooming of theirs.


Drop Everything And Read club is an exclusive club which gives entry to only the scholars who believe not only in acquiring knowledge but also in gaining wisdom.


TSNits love to go to garden and cultivate the flora & fauna in and around the school.